KC registered name: Blenstone Rainbow Mary

Health Information
Date of birth 10th June 2009
Hip score 3:3 = 6
Elbow score 0
Current clear eye certificate

Mary has achieved the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award.
Her training was interrupted when she took time out for maternal duties. Soon to take this up again, we are now aiming for Silver and then for Gold.

Mary is full of character. Like her half-brother, Philip, she always makes us wonder what is going through her mind, as she is a very thoughtful individual. She has a great awareness of others and events taking place, and displays a natural keenness to nurture. This has contributed greatly to making her an exceptional mother. When she had her puppies, Dee Dee had a litter at the same time and Mary loved her own and Dee Dee‘s puppies alike. There was one occasion when Mary popped into Dee Dee‘s whelping box and fed them! It was lovely to see the joy she got from being able to care for even more puppies.

Mary's Pedigree


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