Puppies 2014

We are planning to mate Duke to Mary during the first half of 2014. This will be a repeat of Oscar. 

Puppies are sometimes available, to approved homes.

Puppies are sometimes available, to approved homes. Health and temperament are vitally important to us, and we believe that a Golden Retriever should look like a Golden Retriever, therefore we choose breeding stock very carefully. Our puppies are born and brought up in the house and are well handled. They naturally become used to household noises such as the hoover, washing machine and television or radio as soon as ther ears open. They are groomed daily and have their nails trimmed 2 or 3 times a week. All our litters are tested for the congenital eye condition MRD at 6 weeks of age. This entails taking them in the car to a specialist opthalmic vet, this experience has the advantage of introducing the puppies to car travel. We offer lifelong support and help to anybody who buys a puppy from us and are always here if there are any questions or queries.